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for Psychologists & Counsellors

What is Franck portal?

The Franck Portal is an always-on companion designed by psychologists and tailor-made by a team of digital and business experts to the specific needs of psychologists in South Africa. The Franck Portal provides a steady sustainable and well-defined stream of new patient/client referrals; and at the same time helps psychologists and counsellors take meticulous care of these patients/clients with the full array of clinical, therapeutic and administrative, billing, electronic claims submission and debtors control tools needed to manage a healthy practice.

 The Franck Portal helps psychologists and counsellors build and maintain a sustainable, Profitable practice that brings effective and relevant help to those that need it most.

How Franck can help you!

  • The mental health crisis in the world needs the full and dedicated attention of Psychologists and counsellors.
  • If we don’t support the Psychologist and counsellor Community as much as we focus on supporting people suffering from Mental Health issues – the future wellbeing of the world is at stake.
  • Psychologists and counsellors have so much to offer!
  • Franck will be privileged to be the platform from which Psychologists and counsellors get the opportunities to take on the world’s huge demand to help it heal from the Mental Health crisis.
  • We’ve been jointly practising psychology in South Africa for close to 25 years, we get what it’s about…
  • Franck is YOUR COMPANION – cheering you on, appreciating you, and admiring how you contribute to your patients’ and clients’ wellbeing.
  • YOUR TIME is super precious and Franck knows how to preserve it by supporting you with state-of-the-art digitally intelligent practice management and administration solutions.
  • Franck respects YOUR INCOME – you earn it with diligence, dedication, skill, compassion and integrity; so, your fees, billing and debtors control should reflect that hassle-free.

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