The Franck Portal is an always-on companion designed by psychologists and tailor-made by a team of digital and business experts to the specific needs of psychologists and counsellors in South Africa.

Practice Management

Intelligent online diary

Online bookings on a seamless diary system that allows you full control of your availability, service centres and preferred session-duration all beautifully presented in an easy to view and edit interface

Instant online patient forms via electronic links

Automated appointment reminders

Intelligent note-keeping

Templates for reports, notes, letters, application forms and more

In-person consultation support

Secure online consultation platform directly from the Franck diary

Billing with all pre-loaded ICD10 codes and tariff codes usable to Psychologists in SA

All SA Medical Aids, plans/options and relevant rates per year pre-loaded

The Franck Portal will continue to grow with the Psychologists and counsellors in South Africa to ensure we offer relevant and up to date service – monthly additions/ improvements will be done to the Portal as per needs and requests of our Psychologists and counsellors.

Franck Psychologist & Counsellor Directory

that showcases Franck subscribed practitioners and all the special work they do. Franck has a strong internet search capacity and just embarked on a major social awareness campaign that promises to offer psychologists and counsellors the best ethically sound online exposure to patients/clients seeking treatment. The Franck Psychologist and Counsellor Directory will assist patients/clients in searching for a suitable psychologist or counsellor that they feel is a match to their needs.

Emergency SOS Responder

in partnership with TrackBox that connects patients/clients in critical need of help with the assistance they need instantly 24/7 – either by connecting them to a practitioner directly or dispatching emergency assistance to the patient/client countrywide. This SOS responder system also links to Franck subscribed psychologists who make themselves available for emergency consultations at preferred hours.

CPD Accrual Program

exclusively available to Franck subscribed psychologists and counsellors for free giving access to CPD accredited modules focusing on broad-spectrum Mental Health topics that will amount to 20 CEU’s per year including 5 ethics points and full accrual certificates automatically issued annually – there is no additional cost for this and all CPD activities happens online on our specialised digital CPD platform embedded into the Portal.

Treatment Tool Cabinet

with useful treatment guides, workbooks, interactive tools and much more suited and developed to address the most prevalent mental health challenges and thus offering your patients/clients an enhanced treatment experience from an ever growing, valid and relevant online library/cabinet.

Lead Generator

that channels and connects patients/clients needing treatment to your practice. Patient/client referrals are generated from users subscribed to the Franck App. This App is being distributed widely for use among major Universities’ students, colleges, schools, employee users of wellness offerings and the public. The Franck App monitors user interaction and when a user presents with a profile that warrants further intervention by a psychologist or counsellor; if the user indicates a need to consult a psychologist/counsellor; or if the user requests urgent emergency assistance – Franck App connects the user seamlessly to a Franck subscribed Practitioner and service.

Patient Monitoring System

that (if permission is granted by the App user) gives a treating psychologist or counsellor access to his/her patient/client’s logs on the Franck App between consultations in order to monitor progress, setbacks and potential risks.

Artificial Intelligence Mental Health Chatbot

that is available to Franck App subscribed patients/clients 24/7 that can encourage and assist them between consultations or when stigma and funding prevents the patient/client from in-person consultations.

Additional Revenue Hub

that offers Psychologists and counsellors the opportunity to develop useful therapeutic tools, guides or screenings that can potentially be bought and integrated in the Franck platform.

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